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Dinan - High Performance Heat Exchanger - BMW M3/M4 F80/F82

Dinan - High Performance Heat Exchanger - BMW M3/M4 F80/F82

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Part Number:D780-0001A
Dinan's larger High Performance Heat Exchanger for the F8x M3/M4 elicits impressive power gains and a wider power band along with astounding cooling characteristics that nearly guarantee 'heat soak' is a thing of the past.

In stock trim, testing made it painfully obviously that cooling was going to hold an even more vital role on the F8x platform to achieve maximum results. The stock cooling system heat soaks after only 3 pulls and allows the engine air intake temperatures (IAT) to rise dangerously. The ECU must then reduce engine power to prevent detonation. With the Dinan high performance heat exchanger the vehicle does not heat soak even after 7 pulls; more than twice the effectiveness of a stock setup!

Further testing focused on the heat exchanger produced the optimized design you see before you. With 60% more volume and 19% more face area than stock along with being a whopping 40mm thick (24mm thick stock) it becomes quickly apparent how heat soak is averted with the improved setup. While the unit could be physically thicker the 40mm dimension was ultimately chosen with consideration of airflow requirements of the main radiator which is located directly behind the heat exchanger.

- Consistent +10 HP / +20 ft-lb of torque on the stock engine tune. Additional gains realized when used in conjunction with the Stage 3 DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner. 
- 60% more core volume & 19% more face area than stock
- 40mm thick Dinan cooler vs. 24mm thick stock cooler
- 9° average water termperature reduction to the intercooler across the RPM range. Colder water improves intercooler efficiency and allows the intake air to be cooled by an additional 6° average across the RPM range compared to stock. 
- Significant reduction in tendency to heat soak
- Rubber mounted for vibration isolation
- Track tested to ensure consistent performance under extreme conditions

BMW M3 M4 2015 2016 2017
- Base, Competition package

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